Court restores market dominance powers to CA of Kenya

9 Jun 2017

Kenya’s high court has struck down a legal amendment that critics said curbed the local telecoms regulator’s ability to manage competition in the sector, Reuters Africa reports. The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) will now be able to monitor dominance in the sector and punish players who abuse their size, following a court ruling restoring these powers to the regulator. According to the news agency, the court was ruling on a case brought by a private citizen challenging the amendments.

Previously, in December 2015, the government changed sections of the law, requiring the CA to consult the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), before punishing any operator for abuse of dominance. The change in law was contained in an omnibus Statute Law (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act, 2015 that was passed by parliament and signed into law by President Kenyatta in December 2015.

Kenya, Communications Authority of Kenya (CA)