MIIT invites comments on 5G spectrum plans

7 Jun 2017

China’s telecom sector regulator the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has invited comments from stakeholders regarding plans to use spectrum in the 3300MHz-3600MHz and 4800MHz-5000MHz ranges for 5G technologies. The regulator notes that the 3300MHz-3400MHz band would, in principle, be limited to indoor use, though it could also be used outdoors where there is no interference from radio stations. Similarly, the use of the 3400MHz-3600MHz range is expected to clash with spectrum used for satellite earth stations. Finally, the MIIT added that the 4800MHz-5000MHz range could also be problematic for 5G, citing its January 2014 Frequency Allocation Policy, which sets aside airwaves at 4825MHz-4835MHz, 4950MHz-4990MHz and 4990MHz-5000MHz for radio astronomy. As a possible compromise, the regulator suggested that the uppermost block (4990MHz-5000MHz) could be reserved for this function, whilst the rest could be utilised for 5G technology.