Togo government awards internet access licences to TEOLIS and GVA

5 Jun 2017

The Ministry of Posts and Digital Economy in Togo has granted a pair of internet access provider licences to two new companies, following a tender that reportedly involved 15 participants. In an official website statement last week, the President’s Office confirmed that the two successful firms licensed to operate as internet service providers are TEOLIS and GVA (Group Vivendi Africa). It is understood that the other bidders included Togolese, African, European and American companies. ‘After the various evaluation phases and in accordance with the internal regulations of the tender dossier, the Council gave the authorisation to the Ministry of Post and Digital Economy to grant the licences to the provisional contractors TEOLIS and GVA,’ the communique confirmed.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in August 2016 Togo’s Council of Ministers instructed the Minister of Posts & Digital Economy, Cina Lawson, to issue a tender to award up to three new licences to ISPs in the West African country. In its report the Council explained: ’The coming of new operators will help develop competition, enhance the quality of internet services and reduce costs significantly,’ adding that the government has taken this decision ‘to support major projects currently executed so as to enhance the access and the quality of internet connection in our country’. Further, the Council of Ministers confirmed plans to build a new data centre in the country, set up an internet exchange point (IXP) and construct a 140km fibre-optic network, all of which it says will ‘help pool’ the efforts of national operators Togo Telecom and Togo Cellulaire (Togocel), and privately-owned CAFE Informatique & Telecommunications.