True taps Ericsson to deploy Dual Band Dot solution in Thailand

25 May 2017

Thai mobile operator True has awarded Ericsson a contract to deploy what it claims is ‘the world’s first major Dual Band Dot [solution]’ to improve indoor connectivity across Thailand. The vendor will roll out the platform starting from this month, focusing on the northern, southern and central regions of the country. The first deployments will be in hospitals, shopping malls and hotels, True notes. The Dual Band Dot, part of the Ericsson Radio Dot System, is said to enable a simple deployment that is fully integrated with the outdoor macro network. Further, the Dual Band Dot supports multi-band deployments and carrier aggregation (CA) functionality.

Pakpong Akaniwan, CTO at True, commented: ‘In building coverage is very crucial to the success of a mobile operator. It not only creates customer satisfaction but also becomes the competitive advantage to differentiate from competitors.’

Thailand, Ericsson, True Corp