Nepal Telecom to revive wireline service

22 May 2017

State-owned telecommunications provider Nepal Telecom (NT) has begun strengthening its PSTN fixed telephony service despite slowing growth over the past few years, writes The Kathmandu Post. In the face of rising fixed-to-mobile substitution, NT aims to rejuvenate the landline service by modernising the network, introducing new VAS and simplifying the bill payment procedures. Although NT’s wireline subscriber numbers continue to grow, it lags far behind its number of mobile telephony users. Commenting on the trend, company spokesperson Shobhan Adhikari said: ‘This is a global phenomenon. GSM service has ousted the PSTN in many countries across the globe. NT is committed to serving the people through various media and thus we have come up with many initiatives.’

While charges for data services using GSM technology are becoming more affordable, NT believes that providing efficient service through its fibre network will attract more people to use the landline service. ‘Bandwidth in wired service is higher, clearer and more reliable compared to wireless signal,’ said Adhikari.

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