Xinwei to install 2,300 base stations in Ukraine by 2018

18 May 2017

Interfax Ukraine reports that Chinese telecoms company Xinwei Group plans to install 2,300 new base stations providing high speed internet coverage throughout Ukraine by next year, having already deployed 150 base stations in the Kyiv region. A Facebook post from Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development & Trade Stepan Kubiv said of the project: ‘Xinwei has installed 150 base stations providing high speed internet coverage in Kyiv region since 2016. The company plans by 2018 to install another 2,300 base stations throughout Ukraine.’ Xinwei’s Ukrainian website says that the company is partnering local operator Prosat to create a network for wireless broadband/multimedia communications on a national scale. Back in September 2014 Ukrainian broadband operator Datagroup inked an agreement with Xinwei aimed at attracting investments for telecoms projects including ‘4G’ wireless broadband, whilst that year Xinwei established its Kyiv office. TeleGeography notes that the Chinese group’s far-flung international wireless broadband ventures include CooTel Nicaragua and CooTel Cambodia.

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