NEC planning remote construction trial using 5G in partnership with KDDI, Obayashi

17 May 2017

Japan’s NEC Corporation has unveiled plans to conduct a trial of remote construction technologies in partnership with KDDI Corporation and Obayashi Corporation, with the aim of ‘achieving smart civil engineering utilising 5G’. In a press release outlining the plans, NEC said the trial will apply the large-capacity, low-latency communication featured in 5G to construction machinery, with a view to enabling the transmission of high-definition video that is difficult to achieve with existing mobile communication technology. In the planned experiment, the companies will reportedly combine 5G wireless infrastructure with an existing remote control system for construction machinery; video taken by multiple 4K cameras mounted in construction machinery will be transmitted to the remote controller via wireless infrastructure utilising beamforming through a multi-element antenna and spectrum in the 28GHz band.

Commenting on the matter, Tomonori Kumagai, General Manager at NEC’s Business Development Division, said: ‘The multi-element antenna system and its control technology, which are currently undergoing research and development at NEC, are essential for implementing large-capacity, low-latency 5G. Going forward, we will continue to promote research and development in support of future commercial services.’

Japan, KDDI (au), NEC