Teletok launches LTE on Tokelau

16 May 2017

Telecommunications Tokelau Corporation (Teletok), the sole telecoms provider on the Pacific territory of Tokelau, has announced that it officially launched its 4G LTE network on 5 May. The network covers all three islands (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo) that comprise Tokelau; the territory has a land mass of less than twelve square kilometres, but is said to have an ocean real estate of around 518,000 square kilometres.

The network comprises infrastructure from Huawei, with the towers and related facilities constructed in March 2016, by Telecom Pasifika Samoa. Starting in November 2016, engineers from Blue Arcus Technologies began the installation and testing of the LTE system.

Tokelau, a dependent territory of New Zealand, has a population of just 1,400. There is no airport, and a chartered vessel, operated under an arrangement between New Zealand and Tokelau, is the only means of transport to and from the islands at present; the trip from Apia in Samoa currently takes over a day.

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