Roshan to launch mystery 4G service ‘shortly’

11 May 2017

Aga Khan-owned mobile firm Telecom Development Company Afghanistan (TDCA), which operates under the Roshan brand name, has announced that it will be launching 4G services ‘shortly’ but has provided no further details of the planned development. The revelation follows a similarly vague declaration from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in February this year that the government was working towards the introduction of 4G services, without specifying what steps it was taking. Indeed, the MCIT has so far given little indication how it intends to proceed with the licensing of the new technology or what spectrum bands it plans make available for the service. Frequencies in the 700MHz band are likely to be amongst those offered to would-be 4G providers, however, as the MCIT has adopted the APT700 plan for allocations in that band.

Roshan Chief Operating Officer Shireen Rahmani said of the cellco’s planned 4G launch: ‘Today’s 4G announcement forms part of a new programme that Roshan is launching to invest in improving and upgrading our data network to reflect the significant growth in data usage that Afghanistan has seen over the last few years. Roshan’s leadership in 4G will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and provide broad social benefits for both private and public sectors that will positively impact the people of Afghanistan, including support for the development of eGovernment.’