Lebanese ISP Connect boosts backbone, access network with InfiNet Wireless

11 May 2017

Lebanese fixed-wireless broadband provider Connect has upgraded its backbone network and augmented its end-user access links using solutions from InfiNet Wireless to meet the ‘zero-downtime, high-bandwidth’ demands of enterprise and premium residential customers across the country. Connect’s existing WiMAX 2.3GHz access platform was limited to 5Mbps/2Mbps (down/uplink), and to serve premium/corporate clients it previously resorted to using Wi-Fi based point-to-point (PTP) solutions, although the latter had recently begun to suffer from ‘major interference issues’, the company disclosed. In its new network implementation, Connect deployed the InfiLINK XG backbone solution (capable of peak net throughput of 500Mbps in 40MHz of spectrum and 130Mbps in 10MHz) and the InfiMAN 2×2, InfiNet’s range of wireless Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) solutions, to connect its high-demand customers. Over 30 base stations and 250 subscriber terminals were deployed across Lebanon in the initial project, operating alongside the existing WiMAX network.

Lebanon, Connect (Lebanon), InfiNet Wireless