Swisscom demonstrates 800Mbps download speeds over LTE

9 May 2017

State-owned full service provider Swisscom has demonstrated mobile download speeds of around 800Mbps at one of its stores in Zurich via a live LTE network using carrier aggregation (CA) to combine frequencies in the 800MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz band alongside 4×4 multiple-input, multiple-output (4×4 MIMO) and 256 QAM modulation technologies. Swisscom commented that the capabilities of its network are beginning to outpace handset development, promising to offer data transfer rates of more than 1Gbps once the device market catches up. To that end, Swisscom added that the device it used for the demonstration – a Sony Xperia XZ Premium – will be available exclusively from the cellco from 6 June 2017, whilst other devices supporting similarly high speeds ‘will be on the market shortly’. Swisscom went on to note that its network upgrade work forms part of its progress towards 5G technology – which the cellco plans to launch in 2020 – and is essential to maintain service quality despite the ‘steep rise’ in internet usage.

Switzerland, Swisscom