QCell launching Gambian 4G LTE

9 May 2017

Gambian mobile network operator QCell has held a launch event to inaugurate its 4G LTE network upgrade – the first of its kind in the country – which it has rolled out across the Greater Banjul area at the cost of around GMD150 million (USD3.2 million). Local newspaper The Point quotes QCell’s CEO Muhammed Jah, who declared: ‘QCell’s LTE service will ensure that Gambians will have highest quantity, quality and speed of data at a cost-effective price.’ He added that the new FDD-based LTE network will support faster mobile internet access, HD video streaming, ‘instant’ photo/video downloads and easier file sharing, and also stated: ‘QCell’s 4G LTE will contribute to the government’s vision of broadband on-demand and building the digital economy.’ QCell has introduced 4G LTE Wi-Fi dongles and LTE Mi-Fi routers to its device range, available now from its customer care centres, sales points or any of its affiliated Samsung-branded stores.

Gambia, QCell