Globe Telecom strengthens Boracay data network via MIMO; tests report ‘widest’ LTE coverage

2 May 2017

Globe Telecom of the Philippines has announced that, as part of the ongoing expansion and enhancement of its mobile data network infrastructure, it has boosted its network strength in Boracay – the Philippines’ number one tourist location – via the rollout of Massive Multiple Input, Multiple Output (Massive MIMO) technology which can utilise existing spectrum to accommodate more users at higher data rates with improved reliability. The upgrade is being prioritised in Boracay in preparation for the upcoming tourist season, with Joel Agustin, senior vice president at Globe Network Technical Group, noting: ’Massive MIMO technology is particularly beneficial in providing mobile data capacities in high foot-traffic areas so it is ideal for major tourist destinations like Boracay as well as in places where a lot of people convene

such as stadiums, transport stations, shopping malls, schools and universities, and dense residential areas.’ Massive MIMO works with handsets that support the 2600MHz band – frequencies that include those Globe Telecom gained through a joint acquisition of San Miguel’s telecommunication assets last year with rival PLDT Inc.

Separately, Globe has been accredited as having the ‘widest coverage of LTE’ in the Philippines with average speeds of 7.42Mbps, according to the latest report from British firm OpenSignal. Press reports suggest the UK group’s finding mark a significant improvement from the 4Mbps rates found in February 2016. Globe reportedly scored the highest score of 55.3% in the latest OpenSignal LTE Availability survey in the Philippines, covering the period 1 November 2016 to 31 January 2017.

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