CEC Liquid Telecom refutes phone tapping allegations

25 Apr 2017

Zambia’s CEC Liquid Telecom has issued a press release in which it says that it is ‘cooperating fully’ with local telecoms regulator the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) as the latter investigates allegations that unlicensed operators have been using the telco’s infrastructure illegally. Although it confirmed that a ZICTA Compliance Enforcement team had stopped by its offices regarding the matter, CEC Liquid Telecom keenly refuted suggestions in some local media outlets that this visit had been linked to phone tapping, saying such claims were ‘completely false’.

Last week it was reported by a number of news sources, including the Lusaka Times, that CEC Liquid Telecom’s head office in Lusaka was one of several locations raided by the ZICTA and State Police in a search for not only phone tapping equipment, but also equipment that not been standardised by the local authorities.