Pelephone to shutter CDMA network by 30 July 2017

24 Apr 2017

Israel’s Ministry of Communications (MoC) has confirmed that Pelephone, the mobile network unit of fixed line incumbent Bezeq, will shutter its 2G CDMA-based network by the end of July 2017. In a press release outlining the development, the regulator noted that it had approached the cellco with a request to halt offering 2G services over the 800MHz band, due to spectral interference issues with other, more modern technologies that are now on offer.

As per Pelephone’s concession it will now act to advise all of its remaining CDMA-based subscribers of the impending shutdown, doing so via four methods, namely: an advertisement in the country’s three largest newspapers; a written notice to all affected subscribers; a voice message or SMS to all affected subscribers; and a notice on the company website. Those customers that are impacted by the network shutdown that do not have a 3G/4G compatible handset will be offered a new device free of charge, it said.