MTS, Ericsson claim Russian record data rate in ‘fully mobile’ 5G tests

24 Apr 2017

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) and Ericsson have announced successful tests of fully mobile 5G technology for the first time on a prototype Russian smartphone, claiming record data transmission speeds of up to 25Gbps. The partners noted that all previous Russian 5G tests were carried out between stationary devices.

The latest tests were conducted at a Moscow stadium where a base station operating in the 14.5GHz-15.3GHz range transmitted data to a moving smartphone at 25Gbps (a speed which would allow a one-hour HD movie to be downloaded in less than three seconds). MTS and Ericsson tested 5G usage scenarios including online broadcast streaming video in 4K format, virtual reality and remote controlled robotics requiring ultra-low latency and high data rates. The tests used key technologies including Multi-User and Massive MIMO, Beam Tracking and Dynamic TDD.

Russia, Ericsson, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)