KPN gives update on fixed telephony network IP migration

19 Apr 2017

KPN has given an update on its timetable for modernising and replacing legacy PSTN/ISDN fixed telephony network platforms and services with all-IP architecture and solutions, citing changes in customer requirements and a fixed market which is largely transferring to internet-based (VoIP) calling. Noting that the number of users of traditional telephony (ISDN/PSTN) has greatly reduced in recent years, KPN is modernising its PSTN services based on its national IP infrastructure, whilst allowing customers to continue to use single-line PSTN functionality. KPN will begin migrating its first 13 pilot exchanges on 10 May 2017.

Customers of KPN and KPN Wholesale utilising the operator’s digital single and multiple ISDN1/ISDN2 and multiple PSTN line products will be required to migrate to broadband-based telephony solutions. From 1 September 2019 the single and multiple ISDN1/ISDN2 and multiple PSTN line retail and wholesale products will no longer be available to customers. ISDN15/ISDN20/ISDN30 products will be supported by KPN until at least 1 January 2021.

Netherlands, KPN