Elisa, Nokia claim first European 3.5GHz 5G test

19 Apr 2017

Finnish network operator Elisa and compatriot technology partner Nokia have successfully tested 5G mobile data transmission using the 3.5GHz band, the first time this has been achieved in Europe, according to a press release. The test, which took place in Rusko, Finland on 7 April, witnessed a 5G signal transmitted on the 3.5GHz band between a base station and terminal, with data speeds peaking at 1.5Gbps, and achieving a lowest latency of 1.5 milliseconds.

‘We are eagerly waiting for the 3.5GHz band to become fully available as it will accelerate the offering of commercial 5G services to our customers,’ said Kalle Lehtinen, Elisa’s vice president with responsibility for technology and architecture. In Finland, the 3.5GHz band is scheduled to become available to cellcos on 31 December 2018, after which it will be possible to deploy the band for commercial 5G use, the press release added.