Digicel Bermuda: LTE upgrade will be finished ‘next month’

18 Apr 2017

Mobile network operator (MNO) Digicel Bermuda has announced that the final phases of its multimillion-dollar, ultra-high speed 4G LTE mobile network rollout is expected to be finished ‘during April and May’. In a press release, Digicel chief commercial officer, Julian Burton, said: ‘An island-wide LTE network is one of two major technology investments we have committed to in Bermuda for 2017, the second being a full fibre to the home rollout also under way … Once we switch the LTE network on, the only thing our customers will need to enjoy the benefits are a compatible SIM card, phone and data plan.’ Mr Burton went on to say that the final phase of the LTE deployment and testing will see limited locations ‘experiencing some disruption to existing services’ for limited periods, although he remains confident that disruption will be minimal and Digicel will strive to keep customers aware of developments in real time, via social media channels.