NCC approves reductions in Chungwha’s retail FTTx prices, IP peering charges

13 Apr 2017

Taiwanese telecoms regulator the National Communications Commission (NCC) has given its approval to reductions proposed by Chungwha Telecom for both its monthly fees for FTTx subscribers, and its IP peering charges for other operators of fixed line broadband services. According to DIGITIMES, the new rates actually became effective at the start of this month, with the IP peering fee rate having been almost halved, from TWD314 (USD10.3) per Mbps to TWD170/Mbps, with it noted that the revised charge is now close to the average in the Asia-Pacific.

Meanwhile, the pricing of all tiers of Chunghwa’s fibre-based broadband services have been reduced by at least 5%, with the entry level plan – offering downlink/uplink speeds of 6Mbps/2Mbps – cut from TWD310 per month to TWD294, while the top-tier plan (100Mbps/40Mbps) is now charged at TWD484 per month, down from TWD510.