Nepal Telecom’s fibre network project delayed

10 Apr 2017

Six months on from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority’s (NTA’s) authorisation for Nepal Telecom (NT) to lay optical fibre along the Mid-Hill Highway, the telco has not yet finalised a bidding process for the project, raising questions over whether it will be completed within the two-year timeframe designated by the regulator. The Himalayan Times writes that an agreement was made on 28 September 2016 between the two parties to lay 2,376km of fibre along the Mid-Hill Highway, covering a total of 32 districts. The NTA would assume responsibility for funding the project through the Rural Telecommunications Development Fund (RTDF), however the completion of the plan is in doubt due to the delay in the bidding process through NT. NT spokesperson Shovan Adhikari said: ‘We will shortly analyse applications submitted by different parties to procure tower and radio equipment. NT is also in the last stage of publishing notice for the procurement of fibre equipment.’ Adhikari went on to add that the company will complete the bidding works of the project within less than a month.