Ericsson demonstrates 5G in Indonesia

3 Apr 2017

Swedish vendor Ericsson claims to have completed the first demonstration of 5G technology in Indonesia, including a 5G test bed trial, 5G New Radio (NR) and live 4K video streaming. The demonstration was carried out during a three-day event to celebrate Ericsson’s 110th anniversary in Indonesia, with the firm reporting its 5G radio test bed achieved peak downlink speed of 5.3Gbps and latency as low as 3ms. The vendor said its test bed includes ‘all functionality required for pre-commercial trials and includes support for features such as beam forming and tracking, multi-user MIMO, multi-site transmission, ultra-lean design and dynamic TDD’.

Thomas Jul, Head of Ericsson Indonesia, commented: ‘For operators, 5G has the potential to offer 34% growth in revenues in 2026 compared to 2016. Meanwhile, consumers will be able to enjoy new applications like augmented reality and 4K video streaming and industries will benefit from innovative IoT applications such as smart transport and remote healthcare, creating significant opportunities. With 5G expected to be introduced around 2020 globally, Ericsson sees the need to support the government, telecom operators and industries in Indonesia to prepare for the launch of this next generation technology.’

Meanwhile, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Bapak Rudiantara, noted: ‘The current focus of our ICT development is to accelerate broadband rollout to all regions in Indonesia as well as to create a healthy ICT ecosystem to support the growth of other industries and enable the nation’s competitiveness in the global landscape. Accelerating digitalisation has always been high on the agenda in Indonesia. In this way, we contribute to realising the government’s NAWACITA [Indonesia’s so-called nine-priority agenda, which is being worked on between 2014 and 2019] vision to address nine key areas and so transform the country. Initiatives such as Ericsson’s 5G showcase will power innovations and help transform technology infrastructure in Indonesia, bringing more opportunities to people, business and society.’

Indonesia, Ericsson