Bangladesh government kicks off rural fibre project

30 Mar 2017

Bangladesh’s government has undertaken a project to extend fibre-optic connectivity to an additional 772 union councils – the country’s smallest rural administrative sub-divisions – by the end of 2018, funded by the Social Obligation Fund (SOF) to which operators contribute 1% of gross revenues. As reported by the Dhaka Tribune, the project under the banner ‘Establishment of ICT Network to Remote Areas (Connected Bangladesh)’ is expected to benefit ‘25-30%’ of the population, according to the state ICT Division, and its implementation is the responsibility of the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). The project is aimed at connecting Union Digital Centres (UDCs), offices, schools and colleges in rural areas to high speed services, boosting the scope of e-commerce and online services in remote areas by enabling more affordable broadband connections, plus adding numerous new jobs, in alignment with the government’s ‘Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh’ goals.