MTN SA to roll out 4x4 MIMO technology in 2017

29 Mar 2017

MTN South Africa has completed 4×4 multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) technology field trials in a live network in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies and Huawei, disclosing that average download throughput increased by 74% when compared to traditional 2×2 MIMO LTE. Following the trial – which showed that deploying higher-order MIMO can alleviate network traffic congestions – MTN SA is now planning to commercially roll out the 4×4 MIMO technology across its South African network. Giovanni Chiarelli, Chief Technology Information Officer at MTN South Africa, said: ‘MTN is confident in MIMO technology. We plan to roll out the largest 4×4 MIMO 4.5G network in South Africa, and introduce the latest 4×4 MIMO terminal to allow users to enjoy the best 4.5G experience in 2017.’

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