Brussels court cancels BIPT's fixed termination rate cut

24 Mar 2017

The Market Court, which operates as part of the Brussels Court of Appeal, has annulled the Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications’ (BIPT’s) decision from 25 August 2016, which introduced a fixed call termination rate of EUR0.00092 (USD0.00099) in the country. The court ruled that the BIPT should have consulted the Belgian Competition Authority before the introduction of the rates, as it used a new method (i.e. LRIC) for establishing the levies. As a result of the procedural error, the BIPT announced that the tariffs of EUR0.00514 (peak times) and EUR0.0027 (off-peak), which were introduced in March 2012, are now valid again. Going forward, the authority is planning to initiate a new market analysis and introduce new fixed termination rates before the end of 2017.