Russia tightening up SIM user registration

21 Mar 2017

Rules for mobile SIM card user identity registration in Russia are set to be tightened up via draft amendments to the Law On Telecommunications, Law On Information and the Code of Administrative Offences, which have been prepared by a committee led by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology & Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) in cooperation with network operators. As reported by TelecomDaily, the bill aims to prevent individuals from buying SIM cards without providing formal personal identification, whilst fines for ‘anonymous’ SIM card ownership are established both for network operators (including company officials and the legal entities themselves) and for retailers selling the SIMs. Corporate mobile subscribers – including legal entities and individual entrepreneurs – will also face fines for late submission of data to the network operator about a company’s individual SIM card users, according to the draft.

Roskomnadzor and the police have gathered evidence of the distribution of SIM cards in violation of existing legislation, which states that electronic communications services can only be provided ‘under a contract’ between the operator and the subscriber; SIM cards which are registered to corporate entities and already network-activated are currently being routinely sold on to individuals by street/subway vendors without requiring personal identification.