FICORA to support 5G testing with flexible trial licences

20 Mar 2017

With a view to being ‘one of the world leaders in the development and deployment of the next generation wireless broadband’, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) has said it will support related experimentation and testing by flexibly issuing radio licences for 5G trials. In a press release the regulator confirmed that it may issue short term radio licences for tests, research and trials of systems based on 5G radio technologies, with licence periods ranging from just a few days to years. Noting that the European Commission (EC) has identified the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz and the 24GHz-27GHz bands, among others, as 5G pioneer bands in Europe, the FICORA has confirmed that for regional 5G testing it will make available blocks of up to 100MHz in the former band (until the end of 2018), and up to 1,000MHz in the latter band, allowing high connection speeds and short latencies. Alongside these specific allocations, the regulator has also confirmed that is possible to receive licences for 5G testing in other frequency bands, with frequency needs ‘considered separately for each case and test environment’.