Tele2 Russia implements SON across whole network footprint

16 Mar 2017

Mobile operator Tele2 Russia has implemented a Self-Organising Network (SON) solution based on Nokia’s Eden-NET platform across its entire cellular network footprint in 65 (of 85) Russian regions. Nokia says the Eden-NET SON solution enables mobile operators to automate and efficiently realise the full potential of their existing networks, as well as helping to drive transformation to 5G. SON networks can be configured automatically, including the addition of new elements, automatically adjust their own performance, and automatically identify and fix configuration errors. The SON system automatically distributes traffic between GSM, 3G and LTE, and optimises traffic load balancing between base stations to prevent bottlenecks, as well as monitoring and managing elements such as optimal antenna angle adjustments. In the first few months of operating the SON system, Tele2 noted significant improvements in quality of services, including better 3G voice call continuity and a ‘more-than 30%’ improvement in network signal availability.

Nokia adds that the Eden-NET SON platform is ‘natively multi-vendor network compatible’, automating operations across multiple domains, eliminating complexities from multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-frequency and multi-layered networks; the system boosts network and operational efficiency, saving both capital and operational expense.