Bermudians to surf the Bluewave at 100Mbps

13 Mar 2017

Bluewave Internet, a new fixed-wireless broadband internet provider in Bermuda, claims that it will offer consumer and business users 100Mbps connections, having already successfully tested such speeds in a pilot phase for residential premises, and expects to be commercially operational ‘in the next few weeks’. As reported by TodayInBermuda, Bluewave says it is rolling out its service on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis, anticipating that ‘95%’ of the island will be able to access the new network by end-May 2017. Bluewave also says that it utilises the ‘latest Wi-Fi technology’ in its network, with CTO Jamie Thain declaring: ‘Bluewave Internet intends to be Bermuda’s ISP technological leader through the utilisation of WISP [wireless ISP] technology that will provide fibre-like speeds over the air. Our system will also deliver resilient high speed corporate internet.’ CEO Nick Faries added: ‘Bluewave will usher in much needed competition, system reliability and value for money that will tremendously benefit the Bermudian community.’

Bermudian-owned Bluewave Bermuda (trading as Bluewave Internet) is a subsidiary of Telecommunications Network (East End Telecom), itself a wholly owned subsidiary of East End Group (EEG). East End Telecom is a long-established operator of mission critical/public safety wireless radio communication systems, based on Motorola technology, serving the Bermuda Police Service, the Fire Service and the government. Other services provided by East End Telecom include commercial digital radio services, GPS vehicle location services, plus microwave and Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) backhaul services for other carriers.

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