CNMC fines Movistar Espana for breaching non-discrimination obligation

9 Mar 2017

Spanish telecoms regulator the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) has announced that it is fining fixed line incumbent Telefonica Espana (Movistar) EUR3 million (USD3.2 million) for discriminating against rival providers during and after a strike by technicians in the period March to June 2015.

In a press release, the regulator noted that having investigated the matter it had established that Movistar breached the non-discrimination obligation it must adhere to as an operator with significant market power (SMP) in the wholesale broadband sector. According to the CNMC, Movistar prioritised the delivery and maintenance of its own retail services during and after the strike, at the cost of delaying similar work for its competitors. Such actions, the regulator said, constituted ‘a very serious violation of the General Telecommunications Law’.

Movistar has two months to file an appeal, should it wish to.