Orange Poland decides against 450MHz renewal

8 Mar 2017

Polish fixed and mobile operator Orange Polska has opted against renewing its 450MHz CDMA licence after the government asked for PLN115.5 million (USD28 million) to extend the concession for a further 15 years. According to a report from Rzeczpospolita, the telco has deemed the price too high, although it may take part in an auction if the government decides to put the spectrum up for sale.

Orange uses the 450MHz spectrum to offer CDMA fixed-wireless services for users in rural areas and to provide extended coverage for fishing vessels off the Polish coast. While its licence expired at the end of 2016 it has continued to provide connectivity under a temporary permit. It had just 27,000 CDMA subscribers at the end of September 2016, down 60% year-on-year.

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