Vodafone Egypt introduces commercial virtual network function

3 Mar 2017

Vodafone Egypt has reportedly gone live with what its network function virtualisation partner Ericsson has claimed is the first commercial virtual network function in the Middle East. In a press release, the Swedish vendor noted that it since October 2016 its virtual Serving GPRS Support Node – Mobility Management Entity (SGSN-MME) has been serving and managing commercial mobile broadband traffic on the Vodafone Egypt network, with this supporting multi-access technologies such as GSM, W-CDMA and LTE, and inter-working with Wi-Fi. Based on the Ericsson pooling concept, meanwhile, Vodafone Egypt’s network is now said to be running using a combination of virtual and native SGSN/MME in the same pool, supporting efficient capacity expansion.

Commenting on the matter, Osama Said, Vodafone Egypt’s Technology Director, said: ‘We are happy to be working with Ericsson to take forward steps towards our Network Function Virtualisation (NFV). NFV will enhance the speed and efficiency of services we provide to our customers. which will in turn support our main goal to reach customer satisfaction. We are excited to continue working on this Core Network Technology Evolution with the support of Ericsson.’

Egypt, Ericsson, Vodafone Egypt