Liberian start-up K3 Telecom rolls out triple-play offer

1 Mar 2017

Swiss-based global telecommunication operator K3 Telecom, which claims to offer a unique wireless broadband solution centred on its ‘K3 Air Lastmile’ technology, has reportedly launched a new triple-play service in Liberia through its local subsidiary. According to local media, the start-up – which TeleGeography notes was awarded a frequency licence by the Liberian Telecommunications Authority (LTA) in August last year – has unveiled its wireless broadband technology which will support a range of high speed internet, VoIP and TV broadcast services. K3 Telecom (Liberia) CEO Ernest Boakai says the newcomer’s initiative will go a long way ‘to solve the many challenges Liberia faces in terms of [the lack of] fibre access in the last mile’. Boakai points out that Liberia’s fixed infrastructure is currently ‘fallow’, a situation his company is looking to change through the deployment of its own fibre infrastructure. In the meantime, however, K3 Telecom (Liberia) is utilising wireless in the last mile which the CEO claims ‘can transmit within a 50km radius and connect up to 15,000 end users at speeds in excess of 300Mbps, with more than 70 classic and high definition television programmes and IP telephony’. The Swiss parent has reportedly already invested nearly USD5 million to launch the venture, with additional investments now planned to accelerate the company’s operations. The internet access provider says it will offer triple-play for a monthly subscription of USD80.

Liberia, K3 Telecom (Liberia)