Kyivstar ‘ready to share’ 1800MHz spectrum for LTE

28 Feb 2017

Ukraine’s largest mobile operator by subscribers Kyivstar is prepared to share 1800MHz frequencies with rivals with a view to introducing 4G LTE services in the country, reports BizLiga quoting company president Peter Chernyshov. ‘We have made an offer to [the telecoms regulator] NCCIR and other operators to share Kyivstar’s frequencies in the 1800MHz band to create equal conditions for 4G implementation,’ Chernyshov wrote in a Facebook entry, although he also warned: ‘It will be difficult, time consuming and expensive for us … to reconfigure all the equipment – but we understand that we need to move forward, introduce new technologies and to catch up with the rest of the world.’ He also pledged to find points of contact with the other Ukrainian market participants whilst supporting the NCCIR ‘in matters of frequency allocation in accordance with the needs of customers.’ Kyivstar currently controls more than half of Ukraine’s GSM-1800 spectrum band.