T-Mobile partners Huawei to develop wireless HBB services

23 Feb 2017

T-Mobile Austria, the local unit of German telecoms group Deutsche Telekom (DT), has signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei regarding 4.5G-based end-to-end (E2E) network upgrades. T-Mobile has partnered with Huawei to analyse user requirements, explore potential markets, and gain insight into the wireless home broadband (HBB) market. In April 2013 the pair collaborated on wireless HBB service development and the deployment of T-Mobile’s ‘HomeNet’ product. T-Mobile leveraged the Chinese vendor’s mobile network operational capabilities to deliver ‘superior user experience’ over traditional fixed HBB networks from network deployment and rate guarantee to services and tariff design.

‘HomeNet, our fast Internet for the home, has become the most important new product category for T-Mobile,’ noted Andreas Bierwirth, CEO of T-Mobile Austria, adding: ‘We offer our customers fibre from the air without requiring complex line installation. Thanks to the rapid expansion of LTE, the mobile HBB market is strong. The rapid expansion in the HomeNet user base along with B2B [business-to-business] service development are poised to be the most significant revenue drivers for T-Mobile in the future.’

Austria, Huawei Technologies, T-Mobile Austria (Magenta Telekom)