Spark requests court to suspend Sky takeover of Vodafone NZ

20 Feb 2017

Auckland-based Spark New Zealand Group is one of a number of telecoms companies that has called on the High Court to delay the formal takeover of Vodafone New Zealand by Sky Network Television, if the merger is approved by the Commerce Commission on 23 February. According to Reuters, the company has requested that the court issue a 36-hour pause before the deal can take place, to allow other rival companies ‘breathing space’ to read through the details of the merger and to understand the regulator’s reasoning behind the takeover bid.

As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, the Vodafone NZ-Sky merger has already been delayed due to the Commerce Commission requesting more information in order to assess how the planned deal could affect competition in New Zealand’s telecoms and pay-TV markets. Spark stated in a letter this week that if Sky did not delay the takeover it would begin court proceedings against the pay-TV operator.

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