Greek operators to spend on fibre and supervectoring

17 Feb 2017

A report from Greece says that the country’s three main telcos – Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind – are preparing to invest a total of EUR250 million (USD268 million) on the deployment of next-generation network (NGN) infrastructure to help meet EU targets. Kathimerini writes that Cosmote will spend EUR50 million over the next eight months rolling out so-called supervectoring technology to cover around 750,000 potential customers. Supervectoring allows telcos to boost data rates available via their copper last-mile infrastructure, up to 300Mbps at short distances or 100Mbps within 800 metres.

Vodafone and Wind, meanwhile, plan to combine supervectoring with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH); Vodafone will spend EUR120 million over the next three years, with 70% going towards FTTH rollouts, while Wind is looking to invest EUR80 million, with 30% of the total to go on fibre. Under EU Digital Agenda targets, 50% of the population should have access to services of 100Mbps or above by 2020.

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