Elisa and Nokia test prioritisation of government services over commercial 4G infrastructure

17 Feb 2017

Finland’s Elisa and local vendor Nokia claim to have become the first in the Nordics to test the prioritisation of government services on a commercial 4G network. Announcing the development, the duo noted that their test simulated the functionality of critical communication services of public authorities during mobile network congestion, and public order and security authorities were present at the demo event at Elisa’s headquarters in Pasila, Helsinki. With Nokia having delivered Elisa’s commercial LTE network over which the tests were performed, it was noted that the official phones used in the demo were also running a Nokia application that enabled video group call connections over the 4G infrastructure.

The functionality of critical public authorities’ communication services during mobile network congestion is a prerequisite for the large-scale transfer of government services to commercial 4G infrastructure. While such services are already partly operational over a commercial LTE network in Finland, a wider switch is reportedly still being jointly investigated by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA), other government ministries, local authorities and operators.