Northpower Fibre, Calix demonstrate ‘world’s first’ NG-PON2

16 Feb 2017

US-based telecoms equipment provider Calix, in association with New Zealand’s Northpower Fibre, has deployed what it describes as the ‘world’s first’ NG-PON2 demonstration in a live network. According to a press release, Northpower Fibre leveraged Calix’s E7-2 Modular Access System to deliver 10Gbps transmission speeds over multiple wavelengths to 812NG GigaHubs located in a business premises and residential home in Whangarei. Darren Mason, CEO of Northpower Fibre, commented: ‘As attention in the second phase of the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) [initiative] shifts from the cities to bring fibre broadband to more rural areas, Northpower Fibre will be leading the way having committed to connect twelve new towns to fibre within the next four years … We’ve shown the world that NG-PON2 is real, and we are excited for all of the new efficiencies and opportunities NG-PON2 will bring to our future business.’

New Zealand, Calix, Northpower Fibre