Guadeloupe: 100% of territory to be covered by FTTH by 2022

14 Feb 2017

The Regional Council of Guadeloupe is planning to extend the scope of fibre-optic broadband deployments in less profitable areas, with plans to provide 100% fibre-optic coverage of the French overseas territory (departement d’outre-mer, DOM) by 2022. The plan will see 88,000 households in 28 municipalities covered by fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, with rural deployments – scheduled to commence in 2018 – to be supported by the state and local governments under public initiative networks (PINs). Antoine Darodes, director of the Digital Agency at the Ministry of Economy, said: ‘The work is in progress. The study part is finalised. The regional authority has prepared everything to launch and award contracts at the end of the year.’

The Regional Coordination Commission for Digital Development of the Territory (Commission de Concertation Regionale pour l’Amenagement Numerique du Territoire, CCRANT) said that PINs will be deployed to 42,000 households in 15 municipalities not currently included in the Tres Haut Debit (THD) national broadband strategic plan, namely Anse-Bertrand, Port-Louis, Bouillante, Baillif, Capesterre de Marie-Galante, Saint-Louis, Grand-Bourg, La Desirade, Deshaies, Petit-Canal, Pointe-Noire, Saint-Francois, Terre-de-Bas, Terre-de-Haut and Vieux-Habitants, with the project estimated to cost EUR60 million (USD63 million). In addition, 13 municipalities (46,000 households) partly-covered by the THD project – Baie-Mahault, Capesterre-Belle-Eau, Gourbeyre, Goyave, Lamentin, Le Gosier, Le Moule, Les Abymes, Morne-a-l’Eau, Saint-Claude, Sainte-Rose, Trois-Rivieres and Vieux-Fort – will also gain access to fibre, at an estimated cost of EUR46 million.