Zain Saudi, Huawei sign five-year managed services deal

7 Feb 2017

Zain Saudi Arabia and Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia have signed a five-year managed services agreement, which will enable the Saudi operator to enhance its customer experience. Company CTO Sultan Abdulaziz AlDeghaither said: ‘Competition to deliver high-quality voice and data services has become increasingly important to operators in their strive towards market leadership and success. By partnering with a global ICT solutions provider like Huawei, Zain Saudi Arabia can ensure that its critical infrastructure and operation management is taken care of, while we are creating innovated products to achieve customers’ expectations.’ In addition, Huawei will also partner with German IT consulting firm P3 Communications to improve Zain Saudi Arabia’s existing network, using advanced technologies and solutions, and to improve data services in the busiest customer areas of the capital Riyadh.