IDC launches VoIP services over GPON network

1 Feb 2017

InterDnestrCom (IDC), the sole telecoms provider in the autonomous region of Transnistria, has launched VoIP services over its GPON network. The telco said that standalone copper telephony is disappearing, as fibre optics ‘greatly simplify’ the connection of homes and offices by allowing potential subscribers to receive their broadband, TV and voice telephony signal over one platform. The GPON network is currently available in eight Transnistrian towns, namely Tiraspol (753 buildings), Bendery (571), Ribnita (248), Grigoriopol (59), Dnestrovsk (90), Dubossary (74), Kamenka (42) and Slobodzeya (23). IDC – which also operates a PSTN network as well as a fixed-wireless CDMA-based platform – claimed a total of 192,000 wireline subscribers as of September 2016, up from 187,000 reported in 2009.

Moldova, IDC (Transnistria)