Telefonica selects Huawei for large-scale virtual EPC network deployment

31 Jan 2017

Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica has announced that it is cooperating with Huawei in virtual environments, with the duo to construct a large-scale virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC), a framework for providing converged voice and data on LTE networks, in Latin America and Europe.

In a press release outlining the development, Telefonica confirmed that its vEPC network will cover Germany and Spain, as well as eleven countries in Latin America, namely: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. Telefonica and Huawei have been jointly working and testing the performance of the latter’s vEPC solution, dubbed CloudEPC, at the Spanish firm’s NFV (Network Function Virtualisation) Reference Lab in Madrid. During these tests, Huawei CloudEPC showed one of the best performances in both data and signalling planes by good cloud-formation architecture and by using EPA (Enhanced Platform Awareness) technologies. Meanwhile, the two companies are also currently testing the onboarding of the CloudEPC solution over Telefonica´s UNICA infra cloud platform that will allow full automatisation of the vEPC deployments and life cycle management within the Spanish group’s networks.

Javier Gavilan, Planning and Technology Director at Telefonica, Global CTO, said of the plans: ‘Telefonica has been actively working for some time in the evolution of network virtualisation technologies … This large scale vEPC network deployment is a further step within the Telefonica UNICA virtualisation program where a smooth migration to UNICA infra cloud capabilities will be reached following extensive test in Telefonica LAB. These results provide the confidence needed to continue with the adoption and deployment of virtualised solutions and to enable the transformation to software-driven networking.’

Spain, Huawei Technologies, Telefonica