INT creates application to measure mobile QoS in Tunisia

26 Jan 2017

Tunisian regulator the National Telecommunications Authority (INT) has announced that it has developed a specialised application to measure the quality of service (QoS) offered by mobile operators in the country, Agence Ecofin reports. President of the INT, Hichem Besbes, remarked that the new application will measure several aspects of mobile QoS, including downlink and uplink speeds, video quality, and the download time of web pages. These results can be viewed by customers and will give them a better understanding of the mobile market and how each operator’s services are performing. The new plan is part of the INT’s goal for greater transparency and clarity for consumers in 2017. The regulator has also launched a call for bids to measure the QoS of the country’s fixed line internet services, which is slated to begin around July 2017.

Tunisia, National Telecommunications Authority (INT)