Vivendi granted Gabonese FTTH licence

25 Jan 2017

Gabon watchdog the Authority for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP) has officially granted French-backed Group Vivendi Africa (GVA) a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband licence. According to Agence Ecofin, the agreement was initially signed on 11 January 2016, but was not officially granted to GVA until 23 January 2017.

Chairman of ARCEP, Lin Mombo, commented that the issuing of the licence will ‘contribute to the democratisation of the internet in homes, support economic and social development, information and communication technologies in Gabon.’ The deployment of the FTTH network will be aided by Vivendi Group’s partner, Canal Plus, and Vivendi Africa president, Marco De Assis, noted that the company hopes to start work on its fibre-optic deployment in Libreville within a matter of days.