Telekom, innogy team up for rural broadband expansion

25 Jan 2017

Telekom Deutschland, the domestic fixed and mobile unit of German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom (DT), and energy and infrastructure company innogy have announced that they are working together to accelerate the expansion of broadband networks, particularly in rural areas. Under the ten-year cooperation agreement, Telekom Deutschland will be able to offer high speed telecoms services on innogy’s broadband networks in 60 local networks in the Eifel, Hunsrueck and Muensterland regions, covering around 55,000 households. The pair estimate that as a result of this collaboration, a market potential of up to one million people could benefit from broadband internet access over the next few years.

Customers will still be free to choose their preferred provider, as innogy will continue to make its own broadband networks available to other providers through open access technology, while the firm will also continue to offer its own ‘innogy highspeed’ service.

‘We are really looking forward to long-term cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. The expansion of the high speed internet is a national priority. As innogy we will work together with Deutsche Telekom to be instrumental in helping Germany achieve this objective as quickly as possible,’ said Hildegard Mueller, COO of Grid and Infrastructure at innogy, adding: ‘With a network of 356,000km, we are the largest distribution grid operator in Germany and we are continuing to invest in infrastructure and modernisation of the grids. As the partner of local communities, we can bring high speed internet to the rural regions of the country as well.’

Germany, innogy, Telekom Deutschland