Movistar to pay USD14m in damages for 2007 infraction

24 Jan 2017

The Santiago Court of Appeals has ordered Spanish-owned full-service provider Movistar Chile to pay USD14 million to local engineering and telecommunication solution provider OPS for damages caused by the former’s anticompetitive practices. La Tercera writes that the damages relate to a price hike for fixed-mobile termination dating back to 2007. That year OPS, along with several other providers, sued Movistar for the arbitrary price hike, resulting in the Antitrust Tribunal (Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia, TDLC) issuing Movistar with a punitive fine of 3,000 annual tax units (Unidades Tributarias Anuales, UTA), equivalent to around USD2.4 million. In 2010, however, OPS brought a new lawsuit against Movistar for the damages caused by its actions, which it claims resulted in the loss of customers and a reduction in sales.

Chile, Telefonica Moviles Chile (Movistar)