DCCA approves merger of Eniig Fiber and Verdo Telecom

18 Jan 2017

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA, known locally as Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelse) has approved a merger between Eniig Fibre, the fibre-optic division of electricity utility company Eniig Group (itself formed by the merger of EnergiMidt and HEF in August 2016), and the telecoms arm of Danish utility company Verdo Group, Verdo Telecom. The regulator highlighted that the approved deal comprises two transactions: Verdo Telecom will acquire a number of customers from its minority shareholder Stofa, while Eniig Fiber will take control of a minority stake in Verdo Telecom, its telecoms networks and the associated subscribers Verdo will acquire from Stofa. The DCCA said that the two separate transactions are treated as one concentration and are mutually conditional upon each other.

Denmark, Stofa