ZTE, Smartfren testing Massive MIMO

17 Jan 2017

Indonesian mobile operator Smartfren, working in partnership with ZTE Corp of China, has begun trials of Massive Multiple Input, Multiple Output (Massive MIMO) and Multi-Antenna Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) technology, as part of plans to optimise the development of its 4G LTE Advanced (LTE-A) services. Smartfren CTO Christian Daigneault said that the trials are part of its preparations for the ‘5G era’, noting that Massive MIMO and SDMA will help push peak throughput up to 400Mbps. The pilot has been put in place in Jakarta and Surabaya, and Smartfren plans to implement the technology at 100 other locations by the third quarter of this year. The cellco is keen to migrate users to 4G and is finding it a slow process. By end-June 2016 only 20% of its total customer base had shifted to LTE, with the vast majority preferring to stick with its legacy CDMA services.

Indonesia, Smart Telecom (Smartfren), ZTE