Our Telekom increases O3b antenna size, achieves up to 2Gbps throughput

17 Jan 2017

Solomon Islands’ largest telco by subscribers, Solomon Telekom (Our Telekom) has announced that it will significantly upgrade its receiving antenna size, provided by satellite network communications provider O3b Networks. The decision was made to upgrade its existing technology to provide subscribers with faster connection speeds and to meet the rising demand for data across the islands.

The current antenna used by Our Telekom to receive the O3b satellite signal is 2.4m, and the upgraded antenna will reach 4.5m (the largest O3b offers to its customers). The new service means that Our Telekom can give customers increased throughput of 2Gbps from one single O3b satellite beam, enabling more bandwidth to be used by both residential and business customers. Our Telekom plans to expand its 3G networks across the country and company CEO Loyley Ngira stated: ‘Since the start of service with O3b in April 2015, we have already seen a traffic increase of greater than 120%. It was prudent to build infrastructure to support future growth for the people of the Solomon Islands, and this new antenna is a great foundation for Our Telekom to continue to offer high quality services to our customers.’